Sunday, August 16, 2009


"Lovely snowflakes. They fall only here."
a zen koan

I saw this flower as I wandered around my yard drinking my coffee this morning.

This is a morning glory bloom. It will be wilt when the day gets warmer and no flower will grow specifically there to take it's place. The sunlight hitting it was passing through the leaves of several tall pine trees and a large cedar tree that stands above the vine. Tomorrow the sun will be in a slightly different place as the position of the earth continues to change with the progression of the seasons and if the wind is blowing at all the specific path the light took to get to that place may not be open consistently. This will most probably not happen again at this particular place again.

I'm thankful for having gotten to see it. I'm not just thankful for flowers and sunshine and my yard. I'm thankful for this flower in this context.

What a lovely flower. It grows only here.