Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I wish swallowing it once was enough.

Well, I've been….  Distracted lately.

In the last couple of months I've changed assignments at work, which leads to stress.  

This has occurred in the context of the holiday season which means time off.  Great, time off.  Ah, not so great sometimes in that it means you have less days to get the same amount of work done as if you had no time off.  This leads to more stress.    

Add to this wonderful collections of stressors a short term, but debilitating illness.  Since moving to California I've periodically gotten horrible ear infections.  The kind that make your ear canal swell shut, require heavy duty antibiotics, and feel like someone is trying to scratch the side of your brain with an icepick.  

Add to this the good old iatragenic effect of killing all thebeneficial bacteria in your G.I. Tract with the necessary antibiotics.   Good times!

One thing I try to be cognizant of is my frame of reference.  I've gotten a bit too caught up with what presents itself to my immediate attention (work, illness, stress) to see the big picture.  I haven't been reading, spending time with friends, going to "church" (I feel funny using that word for the event that happens on Sunday morning), or really trying to see what God might be doing in the world around me.

Time to wake up.  Time to take the red pill again.

I'm going to meet some folks for coffee and conversation and then work in a budding community garden on Saturday morning.  I hope that's a good start. 

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