Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If there is no line, it is a horizon?

Ok, it probably won't be as world changing as the work of the Wyld Stallyns but it's pretty good stuff.  No line on the Horison is a bundle of contradictions.  It bitingly satirical, reverent, inspirational, full of arrogance, and self deprecating.   Typical U2 fare.  

I've been pondering my autobiography.  I'm wondering just how much to include.  One might say, only the parts that are spiritual.  My reply would that it is all spiritual.  My 'mother issues', my relationship with my dad (hmmm... note the "dad" versus the more formal "mother"), my love of science and math in high school, finding a job in an arboretum on a job board in college, my inability to fit in with most people, my possible mild asperger's syndrome, my accidently job in a rehab after college.  I do need to get it started though.  

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