Monday, June 15, 2009

If I knew what I was doing, I'd be dangerous.

No deep thoughts or rants this time.  Just stuff in my yard.

My neighbor says she has a fig tree, and apparently this is runner from it that has crossed under the fence.  I'm trying to both ground-layer it and air layer it at the same time.  If it works, I'll have two trees instead of just a runner under the fence.

These are green sunflower from seed that I saved from last  year.  They are substantially thinner and more delicate than the other sunflowers growing elsewhere.  I have to spray a rotten egg mixture on them once a week to keep the neighborhood deer from munching them (I learned the hard way for two years in a row).

These are a mixture of red and yellow sunflowers that are from saved seed.  In fact, this is the third generation.  To be fair, I always add some yellow seed, because the red seems more prominent when they cross pollenate.

These are various cuttings.  A couple of different colors of geranium (peach and red), two different colors of lantana (red/orange and purple), a rose bush (red), a trumpet vine (looks like it might not make it) and a table grape.

And this is a successful Jasmine cutting propagation. I got it from a fence behind a local chocolate shop.  I'm really happy this one took because all my attempts last year failed miserably.  

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