Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oases and Idols

Truthful I call him who goes into godless deserts, having broken his revering heart.  In the yellow sands, burned by the sun, he squints thirstily at the islands abounding in wells, where living things rest under dark trees.  yet his thirst does not persuade him to become like these, dwelling in comfort; for where there are oases there are also idols.  

Hungry, violent, lonely, godless: thus the lion-will want itself. Free from the happiness of slaves, redeemed from gods and adorations, fearless and fear inspiring, great and lonely :such is the will of the truthful. 
Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Friedrich Nietzche

"Do I really have to go back in there?"

"Yep, it's about time.  You've been out here sulking long enough."

"I don't really belong there.  They don't even understand half the things I talk about..."

"You're every bit as blind and mistaken about me as they are.  Besides, what gave you the impression it was ever about you?  Go.  :)"

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