Saturday, June 14, 2008

Um, does anyone smell smoke?

My little corner of the world has been on fire lately.  I don't mean this metaphorically either.  It's been burning.   The Paradise area of California has been experiencing a nasty wildland fire. 

Last I read it's consumed 23,000 acres, including over 66 homes, and is taking over 2000 firefighters and 400 fire engines to fight.  Good news is that it appears the firefighters turned the corner last night and it went from 15% containment to 35% containment over night.  

My residence is still under a "precautionary evacuation" at the writing of this, as there is still active fire a couple of ridges over from our neighborhood.  There is still a small chance that the wind will change and cook our neighborhood.   That being said, we hope to go home in the next 24 hours.  Although my in-laws' house is nice, I want to get back to my own bed.  I imagine our cats (currently in a storage room) would like to get back to the house as well.

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