Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Vanity of Vanities, All is Vanity

My wife and I got our Christmas presents today in the mail. She got an I Love Lucy ornament and I got a mug and a pack of gum. Initially I considered opening the pack and chewing some, but then thought "What's the point anyway?"

It's even got a catchy slogan on the back. "We don't believe in flavor."

I've got one week to prepare a lesson on the book of Daniel, and I still don't have a clue on what I'm going to talk about. The section is entitled "Hope". I need to read the section of the book and then see what it stirs up. If it covers what I think it does I might try to pull in some of what John D. Caputo talks about in What Would Jesus Deconstruct?, with his discourses on the im/possible. If we conceive how to get there (the future) from where we are do we really even need God in the situation? The concept of the Kingdom of God seems predicated on the goal being impossible, and it is in that impossibility that the Kingdom becomes possible. That is hoping against hope. Heck, it seemed to make sense when Caputo wrote it. :)

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